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Spring 2013 is upon us and many hunters are anxiously planning their spring bear hunt or awaiting the draw results to see if they get to hunt this spring.

Whether you are hunting bears this spring, or not, it is time to prepare trail cameras and locate early bear activity. This is a great time to locate bears in their spring feeding zones.

Douglas wrote a great spring bear primer to get your motor running. It can be read here. Doug's Spring Bear Primer

Here you will find articles, tutorials, tactics and tips as well as audio and video instructions to help you learn to call bears. You will also find stories from other successful bear callers.

You will learn about the various types of calls for bears and how to use them. I will be discussing hand calls as well as electronic calls and I will also show you how to create and edit your own sounds for .mp3 and .wav based callers.

You will also learn about bear activity, sign and food sources. You will learn the times of the year they prefer certain food types and how to use that to your advantage whether calling or spot and stalk hunting.

We have the largest selection of hunting video reviews you could find on the web. These are my opinions of videos that I have purchased, been given or borrowed. Basically my response is "Buy it", "Rent it" or "Borrow it" so you have a starting point on spending your money or not. Some reviews are painful, but if a video got a bad review then I must have felt pain watching it.

You will also find links to many sites with bear content and information as well as links to many hunting forums.

If you are looking for trailcamera videos you can search "BearCaller" on YouTube or you can click here BearCaller on YouTube

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